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October 20, 2009


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BlogPurpGoldHello Kiddies,

Papa DonderVogel here again with something new. Jullie asked us about a business we’ld like to start someday.

What Iwould like to do, and have started doing alittle bit, is provide internet services to artists and other home based entrepreneurs in my area. These people are busy enough producing valuable services and some of the most beautiful photagraphy and artwork in the world.

These people deserve world wide exposure and some world wide customers wouldn’t hurt either. They don’t have time to learn all this themselves and they don’t need the $1,000 a page services either. What they need and deserve is some simple excellence and I  hope to provide it for them. For those of you who are interested, go to  and click on the buttons for Robin’s Nest or Anderson Art. While I’m in school, things have been a bit hectic. Robin’s Nest is a bit dated and Sharon Anderson’s Art site is incomplete (she’s been a little busy too and hasn’t gotten me the final information yet) but it’s a small start and with luck will grow from there.

Don’t bother clicking on the DonderVogel button, it will just bring you back here. Until next week, this is Papa Dondervogel signing off.


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