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November 26, 2009

DonderVogel Finance Apps

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     Papa DonderVogel wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  In the spirit if giving and thanks, Papa is offering everyone out there a free program from the DonderVogel tool forge.  It is not a huge thing, a little, free standing, 152 Kb suite of financial applications. 

     There are three applets inside.  The first will calculate the result of regular investments. Just enter the amount of money invested monthly, the annual APR interest and the number of months you expect to invest.  Then hit calculate and it will tell you your base investment amount and the total with interest.

     The second little program will help you plan saving for a large purchase.  You simply enter the cost of the purchase, the amount you want to set aside for it each month and the interest you will recieve.  The program will then tell you how many months it will take to save up enough for the purchase.

     The third little program is my favorite.  You enter the total of your savings account, what the expected interest rate is and how much you want to withdraw each month.  The program will tell you how many months and years you can continue withdrawing at the entered rates.

     OK, how will you get this wonderful application?  Simply email PaPa DonderVogel and I will answer you with the program attached.  Then you simply place it on your desk top, or anywhere else and double click it.   No installation required.  Sorry, windows only. reach me at:

      So, until next time, Papa DonderVogel, signing off.


November 19, 2009


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Hello kids.  Papa DonderVogel here again.  We are starting a discussion on accounting soon so, that is the topic of the day.  I was checking out some resources and at, I found the following paragraph:

     “The whole purpose of accounting is to provide information that is useful and relevant for interested parities when making decisions regarding the company and its operations. In order to do that effectively, a specific language and subsequent rules have been developed for users of the information. By learning accounting you learn these rules and can then communicate financial information with others in a comprehensible and comparable manner.”

     Unfortunately, accounting is a language, a foriegn language.  The premise and purpose of language is a mutual agreement on verbal symbols allowing functional communication of ideas. When you study accounting, you are essentially learning this specialized foriegn language. You should be able to earn foriegn language credits. In theory, you can communicate and understand the financial operations of all types of organizations, but you can only discuss them with other accountants, because they are the only ones who will understand what your saying. Trying to explain this language to anyone who isn’t interested in or forced to learn the language will work just as well as talking to your dog. Many of the terms are so counter-intuitive, it may even be able to make Microsoft software look good in comparison.

     Alright, I’ve gotten that out of my system so I should be OK for a while.  Papa DonderVogel, signing off.

November 12, 2009

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     Ik vind het jammer mijn kinderen, Papa DonderVogel is late this week.  Jullie schopte mijn achter alle rond het blok voor te laat.       Let’s talk about marketing this week. I am currently taking classes in marketing, business ethics where BlogSkyBluwe’re talking about marketing, and introduction to business.  I was thinking this week about the marketing technique call detailing.  This is a marketing method utilised by pharmaceutical sales representatives to target and full court press individual doctors into writing prescriptions for their products.  They give free samples, provide a lot of other freebies, snacks and lunches for staff, gifts, dinners out and sporting event tickets for doctors.  They will pay high speaking fees for doctors who will tout their product.  They appear willing to do just about anything to get in with an individual and add them into an organisation that they build to market their preferred drugs. 

     I switched the term from pharmaceuticals to drugs on purpose.  Maybe I’m wrong but, doesn’t this practice look a lot like the marketing techniques used by street gangs to push illegal drugs?  The ethics of the pushers and dealers in both groups do not appear to have the public’s best interest at heart.

November 4, 2009

Diversity Factor

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Hello there, Papa DonderVogel back for this weeks blog to think on.

     I read an article the other day by Ben Terret called, The Diversity of Ideas. He feels that to be a successful brand or a creative agency, you need a healthy diversity of ideas.
     He went to a lecture where they talked about how their diversity policy had affected the bottom line. (By the way, diversity does not just mean ethnicity. It means class, ability, culture, background, education and about a million other things.) It’s had him thinking about diversity ever since.
     So by Diversity of Ideas he mean good ideas, bad ideas’ big ideas, tiny ideas, web ideas, paper ideas. Ideas from idea people and ideas from non idea people (users, consumers, children, anyone, etc). Expensive ideas and cheap ideas. Mainly it means doing lots of ideas and actually doing them, and doing them with out knowing for sure if they’re going to work or not.BlogWhtOnBlu
     You can this idea in action in people with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Small companies, to be successful, do this out of necessity. Small company may spend all it’s marketing budget on a trade show and then hold a small, annual picnic in the factory for suppliers. It’s selling, it’s building the brand. It’s the kind of thinking that brought in guerilla marketing.
     Think it, try it, if it wirks do it again, if it doesn’t, think something else or even better get someone elses thoughts, anyone elses, you never know until you try.

     I hope this got your idea wheels turning.  Until next week,

Papa DonderVogel, OVER / AND / OUT !!

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