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November 4, 2009

Diversity Factor

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Hello there, Papa DonderVogel back for this weeks blog to think on.

     I read an article the other day by Ben Terret called, The Diversity of Ideas. He feels that to be a successful brand or a creative agency, you need a healthy diversity of ideas.
     He went to a lecture where they talked about how their diversity policy had affected the bottom line. (By the way, diversity does not just mean ethnicity. It means class, ability, culture, background, education and about a million other things.) It’s had him thinking about diversity ever since.
     So by Diversity of Ideas he mean good ideas, bad ideas’ big ideas, tiny ideas, web ideas, paper ideas. Ideas from idea people and ideas from non idea people (users, consumers, children, anyone, etc). Expensive ideas and cheap ideas. Mainly it means doing lots of ideas and actually doing them, and doing them with out knowing for sure if they’re going to work or not.BlogWhtOnBlu
     You can this idea in action in people with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Small companies, to be successful, do this out of necessity. Small company may spend all it’s marketing budget on a trade show and then hold a small, annual picnic in the factory for suppliers. It’s selling, it’s building the brand. It’s the kind of thinking that brought in guerilla marketing.
     Think it, try it, if it wirks do it again, if it doesn’t, think something else or even better get someone elses thoughts, anyone elses, you never know until you try.

     I hope this got your idea wheels turning.  Until next week,

Papa DonderVogel, OVER / AND / OUT !!


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