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November 12, 2009

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     Ik vind het jammer mijn kinderen, Papa DonderVogel is late this week.  Jullie schopte mijn achter alle rond het blok voor te laat.       Let’s talk about marketing this week. I am currently taking classes in marketing, business ethics where BlogSkyBluwe’re talking about marketing, and introduction to business.  I was thinking this week about the marketing technique call detailing.  This is a marketing method utilised by pharmaceutical sales representatives to target and full court press individual doctors into writing prescriptions for their products.  They give free samples, provide a lot of other freebies, snacks and lunches for staff, gifts, dinners out and sporting event tickets for doctors.  They will pay high speaking fees for doctors who will tout their product.  They appear willing to do just about anything to get in with an individual and add them into an organisation that they build to market their preferred drugs. 

     I switched the term from pharmaceuticals to drugs on purpose.  Maybe I’m wrong but, doesn’t this practice look a lot like the marketing techniques used by street gangs to push illegal drugs?  The ethics of the pushers and dealers in both groups do not appear to have the public’s best interest at heart.


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