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November 26, 2009

DonderVogel Finance Apps

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     Papa DonderVogel wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  In the spirit if giving and thanks, Papa is offering everyone out there a free program from the DonderVogel tool forge.  It is not a huge thing, a little, free standing, 152 Kb suite of financial applications. 

     There are three applets inside.  The first will calculate the result of regular investments. Just enter the amount of money invested monthly, the annual APR interest and the number of months you expect to invest.  Then hit calculate and it will tell you your base investment amount and the total with interest.

     The second little program will help you plan saving for a large purchase.  You simply enter the cost of the purchase, the amount you want to set aside for it each month and the interest you will recieve.  The program will then tell you how many months it will take to save up enough for the purchase.

     The third little program is my favorite.  You enter the total of your savings account, what the expected interest rate is and how much you want to withdraw each month.  The program will tell you how many months and years you can continue withdrawing at the entered rates.

     OK, how will you get this wonderful application?  Simply email PaPa DonderVogel and I will answer you with the program attached.  Then you simply place it on your desk top, or anywhere else and double click it.   No installation required.  Sorry, windows only. reach me at:

      So, until next time, Papa DonderVogel, signing off.


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