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September 29, 2009


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 Sorry, but I need to correct my first post. This blog will be about business topics for the time being. Why? Because Jullie says so, thats why.

     Week #1: Rite Aid Pharmacy has contracted with Language Line Services to provide telephone translation in 175 languages for their customers at the pharmacists counter. This service is available at all of their locations but, at 22 locations they are testing a special phone system with dual handsets. The pharmacist uses one while the customer uses the other. They can stand and talk face to face, allowing body language cues to assist in the communication. As each speaks into their handset, one of Language Lines 8,000 worldwide interpreters, translates to the other handset. As this country’s large immigrant population heads into old age, Rite Aid hopes that this service will position them to pick up the majority of this market. Language Line hopes that this high visibility partnership will help them grow their global business. Previously, Rite Aid had started offering foriegn language and large point print on prescription labels. Just as an example, a physician often prescribes a medication to be taken once daily. In spanish, once means 11. OOPS! That could be a problem. Hats off to Rite Aid for going one step further than required to with their pharmacy customers.

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September 23, 2009

Welcome to DonderVogel Code

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Thunderbird black largeJulie forced me to start this blog.  It is about coding (programming code) in any way, shape or form.  I am currently working in HTML, CSS and  In the past I have coded in C, C++ and VisualBasic6.  I will be updating this blog at least weekly.


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